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Frank and his wife, Mary Bob, have lived in University Park for 42 years.  As a United States Air Force veteran and a retired urban planner, Frank became one of the leaders of the citizen-led grassroots “NO on B” effort.  After the current Council chose to ignore the results of the June election, Frank joined the “NO on B” team for Council, taking on the big developers once again.

About Frank

Frank is a former Air Force pilot who flew combat missions in Vietnam.  He holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning and spent three decades with the Orange County Planning Department where he helped design 15 planned communities.

He and Mary Bob have lived in Irvine for 42 years, raising their two sons in the city they love.  With their grandchild in Woodbridge, Frank wants to make sure Irvine is as nice for her as it was for their two sons when they grew up in University Park.  He served on his HOA Board for 8 years, and was a regional commissioner and coach for AYSO soccer.

Through his years in the military and working as an urban planner, Frank has decades of experience solving complex challenges.  He’s running for Council to improve residents’ quality of life — not a developer’s bottom line.

Why I'm Running

63% of Irvine voted No on Measure B, rejecting plans for massive development in the Great Park and, instead, letting the Council know they want to restore the Veterans Cemetery to its originally planned location.

However, the Council refuses to begin construction.  They seem to care more about pleasing a developer than listening to the community they were elected to serve.  I'm running for City Council to support Irvine residents — not developers! 

My very first vote will be to immediately begin construction of the Veterans Cemetery on the originally planned, approved, and financed site in the Great Park.

Smart Planning

For decades, smart planning and controlled growth were priorities at City Hall.  It's why families like mine were drawn to Irvine and wanted to raise our kids here.  

Historically, the City issued between 1,500 and 2,000 residential building permits (for homes and apartments) each year.  That number allowed Irvine to grow while keeping our traffic flowing and our City's resources from becoming overburdened.

With developers now calling the shots, smart planning and controlled growth are no longer priorities.  Under this Council, the number of residential permits has doubled, with 4,000 issued every single year, without the necessary infrastructure.

Why does that matter?  For each building permit issued, an average of 2 cars, 3 people and 4 rush-hour trips are added.  You don't have to be an urban planner to understand how doubling the number of homes and apartments being built every year negatively impacts our quality of life.  That's why our traffic is out-of-control! 

My priority at City Hall will be improving your quality of life, and that means returning to the smart planning that made Irvine such a great place to live.

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